Care Instructions

Our items are handmade with care in our home in Calgary, Alberta. In order to keep them at their best for as long as possible, please follow the care instructions below, and included with your item.

Wash clothing items inside out on a delicate cycle. Using a gentle detergent like Tide Free & Clear will help to protect the colours. 

Lay flat or use a delicate low heat cycle to dry. 

Treat stains as soon as possible, we love Puracy natural stain remover, and follow the above washing and drying instructions. Avoid spraying directly on the contents label. We use a water based ink, and although it is heat set and designed to be permanent, running could potentially occur. 

Our pieces are made to last and hand down between children, however normal wear is expected with use. 

Vinyl designs are applied with a heat press and are meant to withstand normal wear, however they may change as the pieces are worn and washed. 

Due to the nature of our items, there may be small inconsistencies between products & photos, please reach out if you have any concerns with your item!

Thank you so much for supporting Little Finley co!


** curated items may come with their own washing instructions.